Three Advantages of Shopping at Bud’s Warehouse

When you’re considering making improvements to your home you have many options. Not to name names, but you know what I’m taking about.  So when you make the choice about where to pick up that new bathtub or granite countertop, why choose Bud’s?

Bud’s Warehouse offers quality products at an extreme discount. When you shop at Bud’s you will find new and used home improvement materials at a fraction of the full retail price. Our entire inventory is donated and we price everything at a price dramatically lower than you will find elsewhere. Just come in and look around and you’ll see what we are talking about.

Bud’s keeps tons of stuff (literally) out of the landfill. Bud’s started more than 15 years ago with an innovative concept for recycling usable home improvement materials. This idea has led to the diversion of tons of materials from the landfill as well as providing a retail service.

Bud’s changes lives. The best part about Bud’s Warehouse is that you can know every dollar you spend here will have a direct impact on people in our community who are seeking new ways of life. In addition to our retail operations, Bud’s also functions as a holistic employment training program for people with felonies desiring to reenter the workforce.

So in addition to saving tons of money, your business at Bud’s Warehouse allows us to continue the business of hiring, training, and, ultimately, changing lives for the better.

Saving money, saving the environment and saving lives — That’s what Bud’s is all about.

Thanks for shopping at Bud’s!