Let’s Get Excited

buds loading room
Bud’s New Back Storage Getting ready to load in!

If you haven’t heard, Bud’s is moving to a new location.  Yes, after 11 years, we are closing the doors at the I-70 location at 5 p.m. on Saturday, September 3rd.   We will be re-opening into a new retail space on Friday, September 9th at 9 a.m. at 13280 E. Mississippi Ave., Aurora, CO  80012.  Grand Opening weekend celebration is scheduled for September 17th!

We can’t wait to show off the new Bud’s Warehouse to our customers!  It has more open space and light to make shopping more convenient.   And the best feature of all AIR CONDITIONING!  We know you will miss the popsicles on those 100 degree days, but think you will enjoy shopping and getting your imagination flowing in the new space.

Ready to plan a new set of kitchen cabinets before the relatives appear this holiday season?  Now is the time, come check out the New Beginnings Cabinet sales center and plan a set this next weekend.

Come see us and help us break in the new space, Friday, September 9th!  9 a.m.!  Maybe there will even be donuts for the early risers!