Bud’s from a First-Day Intern

Bud’s Warehouse is hosting an intern for the month of May. Here are his reflections after one day at the warehouse:

Logan sits behind a mountain of paperwork, every interns dream.

Leaving Oregon to intern at Bud’s was definitely a leap of faith.  All I knew was that they ran a warehouse and did job training for people in transitional living situations.  I don’t know why but in my mind I pictured a grungy location, tight working quarters, and a business barely staying afloat.  Instead I have been pleasantly surprised by not only the quality of the store itself, but also at the professional and friendly disposition of the staff.

The biggest surprise of all has been the sheer volume of different products ranging from a hobbit sized washer dryer set to mountains of cabinet doors.  It’s been a great place to learn about how a well run business can deeply impact the lives of its employees and the community.


  1. Kristal says:

    I just wanted to let you know. I came in earlier today to buy a bunch of cabinet faces and drawer covers. I really like the selection and prices you have, however, I did not buy anything. I think you guys should have things organized by size. We were unable to find anything we were looking for because of the disorganization. Just thought I would give you that suggestion. The wood doesn’t matter but it would be nice if everything was at least organized by size.

    • Kristal, we couldn’t agree with you more. Our finished doors and drawer faces are pretty organized and we even have a map of where they’re located, but the unfinished doors are a real challenge to keep organized. We’re still working on a good way set them up, but to make up for the clutter we’re selling them really cheap and we’re always happy to help you look around and find the perfect size.

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