Bud’s 2011 Program Update

The temperature is finally on the rise in Denver and the month of March is quickly disappearing, so it seems about time to post an update on our job-training program. If you didn’t know that Bud’s is more than just a home improvement thrift store, read more about our non-profit mission here.

In January we highlighted a recent graduate in a short video, but Jason’s not the only person to graduate from Bud’s in the last few months. During our fiscal 2011, which began in October, we’ve had 4 employees move on and find fulfilling, sustainable employment. We’ve also assisted quite a few Bud’s volunteers in their employment search and several of them have also obtained employment.

Our goal at Bud’s Warehouse is to assist employees and volunteers as they work to overcome their barriers to employment, whether that means learning to show up to work on time, how to drive a forklift or how to craft a resume. When you donate to Bud’s or shop at Bud’s you participate in our mission and enable us to be a stepping-stone for individuals on their path to new life.