Build your Kitchen with Bud’s

Thrift store shopping can be hit-or-miss sometimes and Bud’s Warehouse is no exception. With a continuously revolving inventory of new and used home improvement items, finding the exact color and size you’re looking for can be a challenge. In the past, when customers have come to Bud’s looking for kitchen cabinets this has been the case as well, but that’s all changed now.

The recent arrival of brand new birch cabinets in a variety of sizes allows shoppers to build a set of bases and uppers for their specific layout. These cabinets sell for over $400 elsewhere, but at Bud’s usual low prices start at only $200. Selection is still great, but they’re starting to disappear so come on in and check them out.

Brand new, birch cabinets now at Buds Warehouse.

As always, Bud’s Warehouse is open to the public.  The innovative concept of a home improvement thrift store has become increasingly popular with area homeowners seeking savings of up to 70% on home improvement items while helping others.  The organization offers vinyl flooring, marble and granite, doors, kitchen cabinets, appliances, carpet, hardware, light fixtures, windows, cabinet doors, bathtubs, sinks, and many other building materials.

For more information or to donate tax deductible building materials, call (303) 296-3990. Bud’s Warehouse is open Monday though Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday.