Happy First Blogsday!

Bud’s Warehouse is more than 15 years old now, the first project of Belay Enterprises.

At the start, Bud’s didn’t have a website. Then we had one that was… fine. It never ever changed, but it was fine.

Now we have a site that changes all the time with the blog you are reading right now and our Craigslist posts. We have a Twitter account, and a Facebook page. We even have a cool contest going on through the end of the month. The website has gone from something that never really came up in conversation, to something that brings new people into the store all the time.

We also know it works in funny ways we didn’t necessarily expect. For instance, we know that every month people go to Google and search for “Bob’s Warehouse” and then click on our site and check us out. That’s great, unless there actually is a “Bob’s Warehouse.” (We are pretty sure there isn’t, but we do have an outgoing operations manager named Bob, so maybe they are searching for him.)

All of that is great because the more people that know about us, the more donations we get and the more customers find home building supplies at unbelievable prices. That keeps our employees busy, and allows us to give more opportunities to employees that otherwise have some serious challenges to finding work, especially in this rotten economy.

So, why this post?

This blog went up one year ago today, and we just wanted to note that, and also let you know that much of the innovation came from Scott Yates, who helped us with the blog and is now starting his own business that will be helping other small businesses with custom blog content. We can tell you firsthand that we know what Scott does works.

And Scott knows about Bud’s because he’s been in often, and built a backyard water feature with a bathtub from Bud’s at the base of it, a clubhouse for his family with shutters, roofing supplies, tile and more. Whatever home building project you have in mind, come to Bud’s and see if we can help you move from imagination into reality, just like this blog.

water feature with hidden bathtub
Can you find the bathtub in this above-ground Water Feature? It's hidden by rocks, but it is there, and came from Bud's!