Bud’s Warehouse Review: A Letter of Thanks

Though we shoot for 110% every time, we don’t always get it perfect for our customers. Running a job training program for individuals rebuilding lives from addiction, homelessness and prison can sometimes get a bit messy. But long-time customers–and we have a bunch of them– understand that to get the best results, they need to get in the hunt for the best stuff, follow our Twitter and Facebook feeds, and visit often.

But when we get it right, we get it right…

Dear Bud-

We visited Buds Warehouse today for the first time.  We were totally impressed from the time we stepped foot onto the property.  We walked past the garage where a very pleasant and enthusiastic young man was working on donated vehicles.  We commented on a particularly clean car and he couldn’t wait to show us the engine and tell us about the history of the car.  We then went on to the outside of the business yard where we were met by friendly staff.  We were asked by Rachel (a very pleasant and friendly, enthusiastic woman) what we were looking for and she told us exactly where to find the product.  Billy (an extremely knowledgeable and friendly young man – I was surprised later to find out that he had only been there for 6 weeks) helped us with the purchase of four cabinets, loaded them onto a cart and brought them to the front while we continued to shop around.

We were totally impressed with the inventory Buds Warehouse has – far exceeding [your competition]!  Your inventory is gigantic!  We then went outside to look around the yard and found some tile that we wished to purchase.  Bob Klinger (a very friendly man with a great sense of humor) figured up the price and had someone add it to our items to be purchased.  Rachel checked us out and Billy and Clarence (an extremely friendly and helpful young man, very excited and enthusiastic) loaded our purchases onto our truck and wished us God’s Blessings.

WOW! We WILL be back and we WILL pass the word onto others!  Thank you for such a wonderful experience and blessing!  Not only did you brighten our day, but we hope we were able to brighten others day by our visit to Buds.

God Bless each of the staff!

Connie and Garvin Collier,

Birdsong Welding and Plumbing Repair Services

Bud’s Warehouse recycles and sells to the public usable building materials not accepted by regular thrift stores.  Area home owners, builders, re-modelers, and suppliers seeking to keep new and used home improvement materials out of the landfill support the organization. Bud’s offers kitchen cabinets, appliances, carpet, hardware, light fixtures, windows, bathtubs, sinks, furniture, and many other building materials.

For more information or to donate tax deductible building supplies, call (303) 296-3990. Bud’s Warehouse is open Monday though Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday.