Dig In Visits Bud’s Warehouse for Garden Ideas

Our friends at Dig In on Fox 31 Saturdays recently visited Bud’s Warehouse.

Watch the following video to experience a Bud’s Warehouse treasure hunt first hand with a special focus on garden ideas.

And be sure to tune in on Saturdays at 6:30 am on Fox 31 to watch this excellent show or visit the web site at digincolorado.com .


  1. Hello all you friendly people at Buds!
    I wanted to say Thank You for helping me take advantage of the raw wood shelving units you have out back. I used my email 25% off coupon for this purchase and saved money! I took my unit home, bought myself a sander and some stain, and now own a bookshelf worth two or three hundred dollars!!! Or so that is what friends and family who see it tell me. It came out beautiful and all it took was my time and some elbow grease, I Love it, It will be a permanent part of my home forever. As Arnold would say….”I’ll be Baaaack”.
    Again, Thanks!
    Gloria in Denver

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