Largest Load of Granite in Two Years Arrives at Bud’s Warehouse

The Bud’s Warehouse truck has been busy picking up marble, granite and terrazzo sheets from a local counter top manufacturer. When the pick-ups are completed later next week, the load will be the largest donation of such product in over two years.

It’s already beginning to sell quickly with Bud’s pricing at $6 a foot.

As the Summer home improvement season gets under way, this week is an excellent time to visit Bud’s Warehouse to take advantage of the best selection for custom kitchen counter tops, table tops, desk tops, islands, and furniture. Let your creative juices flow with these high-quality and extremely affordable hard surface products.

Bud’s Warehouse has been “Denver’s Best Kept Secret for Home Improvement Value” for over 15 years. Besides marble and granite, the Home Improvement Thrift Store offers new and lightly used appliances, kitchen cabinets, doors, windows, trim, and much more. Everything is priced 50-70% off retail. But you need to get in the hunt, because items are quick to sell after their arrival because of Bud’s commitment to super low prices. Stop by frequently or give us a call, email us at , Facebook or Twitter to let us know what you are looking for in home improvement items.

In addition, your purchases and donations of home improvement materials make a difference for the community and support one of the area’s best faith-based employment and job training programs for individuals rebuilding lives from prison or homelessness.

For more information or to donate tax deductible building supplies, call (303) 296-3990. Bud’s Warehouse is open Monday though Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday.